Board of Directors

The L.A. LEGGERS board of directors is an all-volunteer body that oversees all aspects of the club. Elections take place each spring, and board members each serve a two-year term.

Jeff is one of just a few people in the world to have run a marathon on all seven continents, having completed the Antarctic Ice Marathon in grueling conditions in December 2021. His marathon journey has taken him through Melbourne, Medellin, Copenhagen, New York, Tokyo, Big Five Safari Marathon, Los Angeles, Outback Marathon Australia, and Antarctic Ice Marathon. Jeff is excited to help serve and lead the club in the 2022-23 season.
BARRYVice President
Since joining the LEGGERS in 2012, the club has not only helped me grow as an endurance athlete but also in other parts of my life. I am now a USATF, UESCA, and RRCA Coach thanks in big part to the encouragement and guidance I received from my fellow LEGGERS. This season, we continue hosting track options in association with our SIster clubs and will host a number of inperson & remote training clinics. As an all-volunteer organization, I welcome suggestions from everyone on how to grow our great club.
I love joining my good friends and fellow runners on a long, slow run every Saturday morning. I thoroughly enjoy the fact the LA Leggers are a non-profit club where we are all volunteers and our total focus is on supporting and encouraging each other. On a personal note, I started running marathons at 53 and my lifetime goal is to have as many marathon medals as my age.
I joined the Leggers in 2011 based on a friend’s recommendation. Never having run before, I trained with the 12s and completed my first ever 1/2 marathon and full marathon in the 2011/2012 season. Credit to the full service LA Leggers education/training program and amazing people. I’m here to support and improve the Leggers and give back to the walking and running community.
Briana started her running journey in 2013 and joined the LEGGERS in 2018 when preparing to run her first marathon. She has finished over 100 half marathons across a number of states, Canada and Europe. Briana loves the community and friendliness of the LEGGERS, and felt it was the differentiator that helped her be prepared for the LA Marathon. She’s excited to serve on the 2022-23 board and help our members be race ready and lead active healthy lives!
I joined the Leggers looking for a group with a proven track record of successful marathon training. I’d never run more than a half marathon before, and 6 months after joining, completed my first marathon safely and with a great pace. The Leggers are a diverse group of athletes from the elite level to new runners that are supportive, uplifting, and motivating. As a mentor, I can attest to the fact that we truly care about our runners, and work together with everyone to attain their fitness and running goals while having a great time and forging lasting friendships. The Leggers are a volunteer community dedicated to an active lifestyle, and being a member continues a very rewarding experience.
I joined the Leggers in 1999, and I do not regret that decision. I have volunteered in various capacities, in good times and in challenging times. I have established relationships through the Leggers that are still standing. I have trained, traveled, run marathons with Leggers, attended weddings, and memorial services of Leggers, and those events remind me of how special the L.A.Leggers are. If you need a good training program and support, we have you covered; and you might make a good friend along the way. Come, join us!
JOHNTraining Co-Chair
When I was younger, I ran faster, and bragged about my finishing times, but as I got older, I learned I was running with survivors from cancer, heart-attack, stroke, and diabetes, people from everywhere and all walks of life, and I love the LA Leggers because we encourage each other to exercise moderately, to improve our health, and to look forward to the future.
KENNYIT & Technology
I joined Leggers in 2017 after I finished my first LA Marathon in 2017 and realized the advantages from training that Leggers could provide me. I then joined the board in 2018 as IT & Technology lead since this was what the club needed and was an area that I am a subject matter expert in. I have served 3 terms on the board where I’ve observed the technology grow to support our thriving community. Since, joining Leggers I’ve become a level 1 RRCA coach in addition to running 3 additional LA Marathon and 1 Honolulu Marathon. I enjoy running Half Marathons during the year because I find them fun to run. If you have any technical questions or suggestions please ask me at
MARIAMentor Lead and LA Marathon Chair
I joined Leggers in 1994 and did my first LA Marathon in 1995. I have served at various times on the Board, am a former Leggers president and I am a mentor for my walkers pace group. I also am currently the Mentor Coordinator and am a Level 1 RRCA coach. One of the things I love about Leggers is the camaraderie we as Leggers enjoy. Besides having coffee with Leggers after training, I also say hi to Leggers when I am out and about LA. I especially love seeing Leggers at other races. We wear our Legger shirt and can pick each other out of huge crowds like at the Chicago and NY Marathons as well as small regional races.
SHARONVolunteer Operations
I’ve been a member of the Leggers since 2021 after admiring a friends posts of her LA Marathon accomplishments and involvement of LA Leggers. I knew from my first day at the new member orientation that I found my tribe. Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and encouraging! I have always been a runner, but have learned so much about proper training, nutrition and pacing. I ran my first half marathon in 2021 and have built up my endurance beyond what I ever thought I could. I am heading up the Volunteer Operations and encourage everyone to sign up and volunteer to support one another. I want everyone new and old to LA Leggers to enjoy this experience as much as I have!
STEPHANIETraining Co-Chair
I joined the Leggers in 2017 and the group taught me how to run my first marathon. SInce then I have run six marathons and one 50k Ultra. The Leggers have provided me with so much support and encouragement over the last six years. The club has given me a group of friends who support me in all my crazy adventures! I’m on the Board of Directors as the Training Chair as well as Mentor of the 9.5’s. I am also a Personal Trainer and RRCA Run Coach Level 1. Please introduce yourself anytime and ask me any questions you may have about your training!
As a member of the Leggers since 2014, David credits the Leggers’ training program with not only getting him across the finish line of numerous races of all distances, but with helping him recover from a torn ACL and meniscus and with developing many new and interesting friendships along the way. A former president of the club for the past 4 years, board member for 6 years, and 3-time LA Marathon veteran, David is returning as an advisor to the board for the 2022-23 season.