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Membership for the 2023-24 season is now open.

We have pace groups for pretty much every level of runner and walker – from 18 min/mile walkers all the way through Boston Bound runners who run sub-4 hour marathons.

Our membership price is $85 to join for the entire season, which includes a LEGGERS technical training shirt, training schedule, training talks, mentors, supported training runs, premium LA Marathon support, exclusive discounts on races/gear/services and hundreds of people who will become your new best friends and life cheerleaders. Come join our running community and add a whole new dimension to your life.


We meet once a week on Saturdays for organized training runs/walks during our regular season (August through March). As you get to know people in the group, you’ll discover lots of opportunities to meet up casually with other runners in your neighborhood or other runs with partner organizations. In the off-season, members meet on Saturdays more informally.

When we have training talks, we meet at Tongva Park on Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica.  Runs begin across the street in front of 1450 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. When you arrive, you’ll see hundreds of people in running gear out on the grass just outside of the building. Find your group by looking for the pace signs in the grass.

Runs/walks under 10 miles start at 7:30; runs 10 and over start at 6:45; walks 10 and over start at 6:15. You should always plan to be there about 10-15 minutes early to hear announcements from the mentors. Please check the schedule in the members section in the event of schedule changes.

Our training talks start at 6:45 on the under 10 mile days at Tongva Park. Our training talks are a key component to educating new runners on distance running.  You’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully complete a marathon including what gear and clothing you need, nutrition, cross-training, injury-prevention and more.

We have many different routes that we run, mostly covering the area between Marina del Rey and North Santa Monica. You’ll love running by the beach with us.

We start our season with 2 miles and work our way up to 20 miles gradually with the grand finale being 26.2 miles at the LA Marathon for those who choose to do the race. We provide a training schedule for mid-week runs on your own.  To build up your endurance, we recommend 2 mid-week runs and 2 cross-training days. Our training schedule and program info will guide you towards the right times and activities.

For those wishing to train for the Half Marathon distance (13.1), we have a separate training plan with the Malibu Half Marathon as our first goal race.

No, you don’t have to do the LA Marathon, or any other race for that matter. We are here to help train individuals to be able to complete endurance distance miles.

Fair warning though, once you start, it is highly likely that you will get caught up in the momentum of the group and you’ll actually *want* to do the marathon 🙂 Many of our members choose to focus on half marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks, or simply run with us for fun and fitness.

Our program though does center around training for the LA Marathon and supporting those runners, and a number of our members end up doing the race.

Being left behind is highly unlikely if you choose the right pace group for you. We have something for everyone – we have running and walking groups for all levels. If you have no idea what group you should run with, that’s okay. We recommend you start conservatively and when you arrive, look for one of our mentors (they will be in a LEGGERS shirt in a different color than the blue member shirt) and they should be able to help guide you towards a good group to start with. If you find that it is too easy, you can change groups easily no problem. Since we all follow the same route during regular season runs, should you have a hard day, the pace group behind yours will come along and you can run or walk with them.

Running shoes. Leggings. Running/sports shorts. Tanks/tees. Hat. Whatever you’re most comfortable running in. We recommend that you choose technical/synthetic fabrics over cotton as cotton does not dry as efficiently and can cause chafing during long runs.

Please bring water to every run. Most of our runners wear a hydration belt/pack or have a hand-held water bottle with them. If you don’t have that to start, a normal water bottle will be fine, but as we get up to increased mileage, you will want something that will be comfortable to carry. We suggest checking out the gear your fellow runners use when you come.

*Please note, that you will not be able to leave items behind for safekeeping. Do not bring anything that you will not be able to carry with you on your run/walk.

That’s OK. Our training plan is long enough that missing a week or two will not hurt your overall training. You should also consider doing a makeup run on your own or with friends during the weeks you miss.

$85 for the entire season. Best fitness deal in LA by far.

Registration is now open for our 2022-2023 season for new and returning members. Click the Join/Renew link at the top of the page to be directed to our registration. Please email memberships at laleggers dot org with any questions or issues.

No problem. Email memberships at laleggers dot org and we’re happy to help. You can also find us on Facebook and send us a message there. Hope to see you at a future run!

Yes. Our training program has been designed by our Training Committee, and every member of the Training Committee is a certified coach. Additionally, our pace groups are headed by Mentors, many of whom also hold coaching certificates from organizations such as Road Runners of America, U.S. Track & Field, etc. All of our Mentors have years of experience completing marathons, half marathons, 5Ks and 10Ks. Our training program has been designed to maximize overall endurance, which enables members to realize their successful completion of any race.