Member Stories

There are over 1,000 L.A. Leggers members from all walks of life, ages, athletic abilities and backgrounds. Each proud Legger has their own story and reason for showing up every Saturday to help support each other. Here are a few of our members’ stories. If you’d like to contribute your own member story, please get in touch!

I came to the Leggers able to run for only 30 minutes, but I’d registered for a half marathon—with no training plan. I joined the Leggers the night before new member orientation; I trained for my fall half and loved the club so much that I kept training for that spring’s LA marathon. Ten years on, I’ve run each consecutive LA marathon and countless other races. Now I mentor my pace group and love being part of our welcoming, empowering club.

– Barbara

I’ve been running for over 10 years and the LA Leggers have been part of that journey. The friendship and bond you build with your fellow runners are immense. Every Saturday, I look forward to seeing my fellow runners so we can lay the groundwork for our next race. Joining this group holds you accountable. It’s always easier to run with friends who push you. Besides your fellow runners, the mentors help make the LA Leggers special. They are friendly, knowledgeable, encouraging, and down-to-earth. It doesn’t matter if you are new or veteran runner, the mentors will definitely help your running.

– Henry

As a novice runner, the L.A. Leggers have been a welcoming and supportive community for all of my running goals. Every week I look forward to our Saturday morning runs, where my group is eager to go the distance and encourages me to do the same.

– Melanie

I love my group mentor Rosa. She was so welcoming and really the reason I kept coming back week after week even though I was new to running, scared and overwhelmed. I’m so proud of my consistency and I am grateful to the Leggers and Rosa. She kept me going when I thought I’d have to quit since I couldn’t keep up. She gave me ways to modify my weekend training and always applauded my efforts. It’s scary trying something new at almost 50.

– Traci

I moved to LA knowing almost no one and signed up for the LEGGERS to train for an upcoming marathon. What I found was an incredible group of highly motivated people, some of whom have become my closest friends. Since joining the club, I’ve become faster and much more knowledgeable about running and I can’t wait to continue seeing my fitness improve with the LEGGERS!

– Caylin

One rainy LA Marathon in recent memory — I started to struggle around mile 23 — feeling cold, weak and hungry. A Leggers tent was there so I stopped for some food. A Legger lady I didn’t know stepped forward and gave me a tight giant bear hug as I was shaking like a leaf in the rain. “Baby, you know your way home. Finish strong!”, she said. It felt like a warm ocean wave washed over me and brought me to the verge of tears (by “home” she meant 1450 Ocean — the Leggers’ “home” next to the finish line.) Many years and marathons later, that moment still warms my heart.

– Loc

We live among millions of people in L.A. County, but my actual community are the friends from the L.A. Leggers that I’ve known since I first joined. It’s not easy building up the mileage to complete a marathon, but when you’re among friends, sharing the struggle and smiles, it’s a lot more do-able. My favorite group, ever!

– Sharon

From my first day with the Leggers in 2015, the positive, supportive, family atmosphere the club provides has stood out. As running newbies, my girlfriend and I joined the 13.5 pace group and really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and learning how to cover an unimaginable 26.2 miles. Needless to say, I caught the running bug and, with the knowledge and wisdom gleaned from mentors and other group members, have moved up to Boston Bound and recently qualified for Boston and NYC.

– Evan

The support by coaches and pace leaders is wonderful; the unending smiles/encouragement by all members makes it a fun place to be; the atmosphere is so welcoming and friendly no matter what group you are in and you know you are in good/safe hands. I feel very lucky to have found LA Leggers – my first year.

– Jan

To be an LA Legger is to have a community. From twentysomethings to octogenarians, from Boston Qualifiers to Marathon Walkers, from people training for a big race or just trying to get in shape, the other Leggers are always there for you with advice, a water station, or just to cheer you on.

– Claire

The Leggers helped me complete my first marathon and then ten more after that (and scores of half marathons and 10K’s). The club is the best value in fitness in L.A. and heading to the beach on Saturday morning is always a joy. The friends I’ve met there are an amazing cross-section of Angelenos. They’re  people from all sorts of backgrounds and professions but they are all positive, fun, and inspiring.

– John

I am SO PROUD to be a Legger. There is something special about waking up every Saturday morning and seeing all of us ready to run before the sun is even out. It’s motivating to be part of such a dedicated group. I ran my first marathon in March 2020 and could not have done it without the Leggers.

The camaraderie makes you believe in yourself to do the weekly runs and eventually cross that marathon finish line at the end of the season.

– Rachel

I joined the LA Leggers and got swept up in the enthusiasm to keep running. With the LA Leggers I have learned how to push through those moments when things get tough, to work consistently to achieve the goal, and to embrace support from everyone. During Covid I ran many miles alone but it is much more fun to run with this great group. Thanks to the LA Leggers I will joyfully be running in the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships this October.

– Lorraine

I was running on my own and training for a half marathon back in 2014. Renee, my future brff (best running friend forever) invited me to check out the LA Leggers. I came down to Santa Monica way earlier than I like to get up, and ran with a group for the first time. After a few weeks figuring out which was the right pace group, not too fast and not too slow, I started training for the 2015 LA Marathon. Over the years I moved from the 10s, to the 9.5s, and now to running with the Boston Bound group. The awesome people, the great views on our routes and the little pb&js at the support stations got me hooked.

– Hugo

Joining the Leggers unlocked an amazing running community for me. The group is made up of hard-working individuals of all ages, races, and sizes. I came to the group 4 years ago with no marathon experience, with only hopes of finding a running community, but during my first season, I was inspired to run the LA marathon! The Leggers challenged me to go beyond my limits and achieve something I otherwise thought was impossible. Over the past 4 years I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about running, I trained and ran the LA marathon, and have made good friends along the way!

– Patty

I joined the Leggers 12 years ago with the goal of running a marathon — something that seemed impossible for someone who would just occasionally go for a run around my neighborhood. But before long I was hitting 10 miles, then 20, and then crossing the finish line at the LA marathon. It completely changed my life as I soon found myself looking forward to waking up early on Saturday mornings to run with my friends. And now I’m training for my 15th marathon!

– Matt