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  • Coach’s Corner — The Marathon Expo

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  • MapMyRun

    Last month Coach John Phillips and I both talked about a variety of apps for tracking and improving your walking and running: Strava, Run Keeper, ... read more >>

  • Training Apps Part 2 — Putting Your Stats to Work (or Play)

    Last week Coach John Phillips covered the basics of training apps like Nike Run Club, Map My Run, Strava and Run Keeper. He focused on ... read more >>

  • Coming Back from an Injury

    There's an important trick to remember if you ever have to catch up to your pace group. Let's say you have to take a bathroom ... read more >>

  • Training During Cold and Flu Season

    The most important thing to remember about the Leggers' training program is that redundancy is built in: you can miss a week or even three ... read more >>

  • Coach’s Corner: What’s Your Distance Mantra?

    So we’re now into the long runs. As you’ve all experienced there is a point when things start to get mighty quiet as the morning ... read more >>