What to Expect While Training With the Leggers

Training Overview

Since 1989, we have trained thousands of people with no endurance running or walking experience into marathon finishers.  By gradually building distance each week – step by step, mile by mile – the power of the group enables people to reach distance milestones they never before thought possible.  About midway through the season, new members suddenly realize how far they have come when they show up for a training run and the distance is “only 10” – a very long run or walk by most standards.

Though completing the LA Marathon is at the heart of our training program, we still have plenty of members who do NOT participate in the marathon.  We have built the club to accommodate runners and walkers with various goals – many of our members just appreciate the fitness community we provide and don’t worry about doing races.

In addition, our club has many veteran members and experienced runners who train year-round for 5Ks, 10Ks, triathlons, half-marathons, full marathons, and even ultra-marathons, across the country and around the world.

When & Where We Meet

Home base for the L.A. LEGGERS and our pre-run/walk training talks is on the lawn on the south side of 1450 Ocean Avenue near the Santa Monica Pier.

Start times vary based on distance and time of year. Members can check this week’s schedule in the member’s only section of our web site.

What We Provide

Mentor-led pace groups ranging from Boston-qualifying runners to 18-minutes-per-mile walkers.  We truly have something for every level, ensuring that no runner or walker is left behind.  Our experienced mentors guide you through your training and serve as a source of information, inspiration and encouragement.

Educational talks and clinics such as what to look for in a running shoe, how to avoid injuries and what to expect on marathon day. Expert speakers from a variety of marathon- and fitness-related fields offer straight-talk and practical tips that prepare you for the rigors of long-distance training. Educational events take place Saturday mornings, usually before the training run/walk.

Training calendar to help you build up to your mileage goals safely.  Not only do we provide the Saturday morning training schedule, but also equally important, we tell you what to do during the rest of the week on your own so you can shine on race day.

Support stations on high-mileage training days and at select events. LEGGERS volunteers help you reach your goals with water, snacks, high fives and words of encouragement.

Premium race day support for the Los Angeles Marathon.