Since Season Start you have training over 500 miles both during midweek and Saturday.

You trained in heat and rain, you trained when life threw you a curveball timewise. You are an endurance athlete.

Now is the final celebration: 26.2 or 13.1 miles more. Use what you have learned over the season, from hydration, fueling, to pacing yourself over the course of this race.

Our taper enters its last week. We cut volume even further while maintaining intensity to keep race ready. The volume decrease allow our bodies to not just recover (muscles, joints, hormones) from our training but HYPER recover to a better state than prior (but only if we honor the taper!)

Nothing new: this is not the time to try things! You tested your race day hydration/fuel during our long runs and have that locked down. So too your diet all this week. This includes daily hydration. Plan to add 1 to 2 cups of water each day. The human body can not make up for being dehydrated in a single session and there is medical danger to drinking too much water alone. Better to stay hydrated all week and enter the race in a hydrated state

Read the final instructions for the race (either Full or Charity Half)

Do not assume this doesn’t apply to you ESPECIALLY the 6:40AM cutoff for coral entry. Texting/Facebook messaging the club if you’re late will not get you permitted into a coral

Read the portion on getting to the Stadium. If you are using the shuttles and you haven’t reserved a shuttle, follow the instructions listed. Though they don’t check reservations, by knowing how many racers are reserved at a given time, the Race Directors can make sure to have enough buses on site

The club and your mentors will have more race day details throughout the week. Read your emails please!

I will be working the finish line area and can not wait to see all of you!