Safety First!

We started with just one simple safety rule, “Don’t fall down, don’t get hurt, and don’t run into anybody.” Then someone asked, “How do we do that?” So we asked our safety committee, and our list of safety rules got a lot more complicated.

On the street:

  • Follow all traffic laws. Cross with the light.
  • On the street, run and walk facing traffic. It’s the law for pedestrians.
  • Bicycles have the right-of-way in designated bike lanes.
  • If the group becomes separated at a traffic light, avoid stranding part of your group by waiting for everyone to cross.
  • If you become separated from your group and are alone, consider using the sidewalk to avoid traffic.
  • Warn other Leggers about oncoming traffic in all directions, from behind, in front, and from the side.

In your pace groups:

  • Run two abreast. Call out “two-by-two.” Raise your hand overhead and show the peace sign.
  • Move to single file when passing, or being passed from behind, by anyone, pedestrians, walkers, or runners. To signal single-file, raise your hand and point up with one finger. (Please, use your index finger.) Call out “single file.” Also call “runners back” or “runners up,” as appropriate.
  • When passing a slower group, pass on the outside, closest to traffic. Say, “Passing on your right (or left),” as appropriate.  Pass in single-file.
  • Avoid taking a walk break after passing a slower group. Adjust your pace to make space between groups.
  • Call out obstacles, for example, “footing,” “car up,” “car back,” “car right,” “car left,” “runners up,” “runners back.”  (No, don’t call out the entire list, just the one that’s relevant.) Pass the warning up and back.
  • If you must stop, move to the side out of line, so you don’t collide with those behind (who may pile up on top of you if you don’t move out of line).
  • If you must use headphones or earbuds during training, please use them in only one ear and turn down the volume. Don’t let these devices distract you when you need to be aware of your surroundings and hear safety warnings.
  • If you need assistance, flag down a mentor or another Legger.
  • For the safety of our participants, we do not allow children under 18 years of age, strollers, or animals in our pace groups.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller skates, and rollerblades are not allowed without prior permission.

We are the LA Politeness Club. Be courteous!

  • The LA Leggers set an example, both for other runners and walkers, and for the communities in which we train and compete.
  • Keep your voices down while training in residential areas.  Residents complain about noisy, intrusive runners. Don’t become one.
  • Respect the instructions of your mentors.  Their job is to keep you safe, so listen to what they tell you.
  • If your path is blocked by pedestrians, stop. Wait for congestion to clear. Do not bulldoze your way through crowds. Go around.
  • Don’t litter.  Hold onto your trash until you can dispose of it properly. 

Let’s be safe out there, Leggers!

-Coach John