The day before the Marathon there is one more time at 1450.

1. We will have bins numbered 1,2,3. If you want a new drink, special snack, etc., you can place a clear baggie WITH YOUR FULL NAME (LAST NAME FIRST) and PACE GROUP in large easy to read lettering. The bins will be at each of our Support Stations along the course (approximately miles 7, 16, and Sepulveda). Make sure you put the bag in the correct bin. These bins will NOT be available after the race, so NO keys, wallets, ID’s or other essential items. You can pick up any items (such as jacket, gloves or other non-essential items) the Saturday after the race (March 25). You should use a clear, sealable freezer/storage bag. Clearly (meaning you can read it after running/walking 23 miles) marked with your last name, first name and pace group. All items must be in bags!!! This protects everyone from something coming open.

2. Pick up a Legger Back Bib at 1450. If your preferred shirt is not a LEGGERS shirt, you can use a back bib to identify you as a LEGGER. Members also use back bibs to dedicate their race to a family member, friend or charity or put a funny or motivational saying.

3. Meet at Tongva Park. We have a motivational guest speaker to inspire you. This year, we have an all-time LEGGERS favorite Jimmy Dean Freeman. Jimmy is a coach, trainer, and athlete racing distances all the way to Ultra Marathon! His tips have carried many a LEGGER into a marathon success.

3. After Jimmy’s talk, we will complete the training circle by doing a pre-marathon 1 Mile shakeout. On Day 1 we all did our Trial Mile: North to California then back. Today, as one team, we will do that one mile again, not as newbies but as endurance athletes. The Trial Mile becomes our Celebration Mile. Whether you are doing the marathon or not, join us in this Celebration Mile to smile over the many Saturdays we’ve come to 1450 and to remember all our accomplishments along the way.


Wear your LEGGERS gear on Sunday…including a back bib! Wearing LEGGERS gear identifies you to our volunteers as a LEGGER. We station volunteers before our support stations to call out to Leggers that the support station is coming up.

Dodger Stadium: Good news! The Field Level will be available to marathon participants. The Leggers will meet up near Third Base at field level (Section 19).
Here’s a handy map of the Start Line area.

Are you looking for information about runner drop-off at Dodger Stadium? Parking at Dodger Stadium? Corrals? Spectator Parking? You can find all of that on the L.A. Marathon Website.

The wait at the stadium can be a long one. Consider bringing a bottle of water or your favorite hydration drink, and make sure you use the restroom soon after you arrive (since the lines tend to get very long as we get closer to start time).

Most participants will start at approximately 6:55am. The different pace groups will choose their own times to line up. Talk to your mentors if you have questions about your group’s strategy for the race. In fact, make sure you check in with them in any case. They are the “boots on the ground” who will help get you from Start to Finish!


Support Stations function just like our weekly water stations. Our support station canopies are very visible and are the best place for family and friends to find you on the course. You can expect to find our usual LEGGERS’ fare: cookies, water, Jolly Ranchers, etc. There will be a medical kit at each station should you need some minor help.

You can leave castoffs at our stations. If you leave castoffs, such as a jacket, please be sure it does not contain anything you may need (car keys, cell phone, etc.). Any items (except food) left at a support station will be available for collection at 1450 for the next two Saturdays after the marathon. After that, remaining items will be discarded or donated to charity.

Your own supplies: Each LEGGER can drop off a bag with their own supplies for each of the three support stations. Bins will be available on Saturday, March 18, at 1450. The bins will be labeled: Station 1, Station 2, Station 3 — Please double check you are putting your bag in the bin you want it in!
All items (excluding food, which cannot be kept) will be available at 1450 for the two Saturdays after the Marathon. If it is not claimed, it will be donated.

Look for the blue Leggers canopies at the following locations on the course:

Station 1 – Approx. Mile 7 – On your right – On Sunset Blvd., across from the 99 Cents Store in the triangle median on the north side of the street, between Maltman and Griffith Park Blvd.

Station 2 – Approx. Mile 16 – On your right – On Burton Way at Oakhurst on the grass median.

Station 3 – Approx. Mile 20/25 – On your left – On Sepulveda (this station will be on our LEFT). There will also be plenty of LEGGERS cheering you on and watching out for you.

Course – Check the LA Marathon website for the course description.


March 25 – Come to 1450 to pick up any items you may have left at any of our stations. Also, doing a short, slow run or walk is advisable. Many groups meet for a short distance and some meet for coffee. It’s a great way to bond with your fellow Leggers and talk about the ups and down and funny things you saw on the course. Check your pace group’s email to see what your group may be doing.

Leggers meet and do runs or walks all year round. While we do not have a formal training program after the marathon, many groups meet at 1450 and do mileage all spring and summer. You worked so hard to become marathoners, keep up your running or walking fitness by continuing coming to Leggers.

April 8 – Leggers Celebration Party – 1 PM – 4 PM – Shutters on the Beach. This party is for all Leggers to celebrate this year’s training and all races we have done. The tickets are $50. This event is a great way to cap off our formal training program. This event is almost sold out so if you haven’t bought your ticket, get it now. See our weekly all-member email for more information.