Incorporating a stretch routine before and after every run or walk workout is crucial for endurance athletes. Dynamic stretching and Static stretching are two essential components of your running or walking workout.

What is dynamic stretching? Dynamic stretching is moving different body parts for small repetitive movements to enable increased blood flow to muscles and allows the muscle to lengthen. The movements you want to be doing are movements that mimic the movements we perform during running.

What are the benefits?

When we perform dynamic stretches, we decrease the chance of injury by warming our muscles and joints. It mentally prepares us for the run ahead, and you feel like the first mile is easier because you have warmed up your body. Finally, performing dynamic stretches will help recovery after the workout.

When do I perform dynamic stretching?

You should be doing dynamic stretches before heading out for any distance of run. Consider dividing your run or walk workout into three sections. Part one is the dynamic stretch, part two is the run or walk, and part three is static stretching.

What is Static Stretching?

Static Stretching is holding a particular stretch for 10-60 seconds after a run when your muscles are already warm.

What are the Benefits of Static Stretching? The benefits of static stretching are to increase the flexibility of the muscles, prevent injury, and decrease muscle soreness. Static Stretching is also a great way to gradually cool down after a run.

When do I do Static Stretching?

You want to be performing static stretching after every run. The potential for injury can occur after any length or distance of a run. As stated before, you will also feel less sore and recover faster from stretching.

Where do I learn Dynamic/Static Stretching?

Before our Saturday long runs, Coach Stephanie guides a dynamic group stretch where you can follow along to learn the movements. After Saturday Long Runs, a Mentor from your pace group will provide you with a static stretch routine. The members-only section on the Leggers Website will have two training videos, one on dynamic stretching and the other on static stretching. These instructional videos are meant to be used as a resource for you to use before and after your mid-week workouts. These videos will be up on the website in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions about dynamic or static stretching or any training topic, please email the training committee at

Coach Stephanie