The L.A. LEGGERS board of directors is an all-volunteer body that oversees all aspects of the club. Elections take place each spring, and board members each serve a two-year term. Thank you to the always-talented Loc Tran for taking the majority of 2018-19 Board Member photos!


Anita: Anita joined in 1999 after cheering on her older brother at the LA Marathon and seeing what an excellent group of people the L.A. LEGGERS were. Anita has since completed 26 marathons and 54 half marathons. She loves collecting medals and a cold post-race beer, but mainly time spent with fellow runners. This season she is looking forward to buying LEGGERS merchandise for the club and planning fun events - including the year-end celebration!


Barry: Barry says: Since joining the LEGGERS in 2012, the club has not only helped me grow as an endurance athlete but also in other parts of my life. I am now a USATF and RRCA Level 1 Coach thanks in big part to the encouragement and guidance I received from my fellow LEGGERS. This season, I will continue to help provide Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday options for midweek training through the LEGGERS association with sister clubs in Southern California. As an all-volunteer organization, I welcome suggestions from everyone on how to grow our great club. Just come up and say "Hi" - I'm the one in the purple kilt!


Bob Calfas, CFO: I love joining my good friends and fellow runners on a long, slow run every Saturday morning.  I thoroughly enjoy the fact the LA Leggers are a non-profit club where we are all volunteers and our total focus is on supporting and encouraging each other. On a personal note, I started running marathons at 53 and my lifetime goal is to have as many marathon medals as my age. 


Caylin: Caylin joined the Leggers in 2017 after moving to Los Angeles for graduate school. She has completed two full marathons, several halves, and many 10ks and 5ks. She loves running and giving back to the community, which is why she joined the Leggers board in 2018. She’s very excited about helping manage the Leggers’ social media, marketing and communication. Her ultimate goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states.


David: As a member of the Leggers since 2014, David has completed two L.A. Marathons and several half-marathons. David credits the Leggers' training program with not only getting him across the finish line, but with helping him recover from a torn ACL and meniscus and with developing many new and interesting friendships. This year, he will be serving as the President of the club and looks forward to 2018-2019 training season.


Heidi: Heidi was always a short distance runner. After breaking her back, elbow and hip in a  serious rock-climbing accident, she vowed to run a marathon if and when she fully recovered. Two years after the accident, she ran her first marathon with the support and inspiration of the LA Leggers! Now she is a runner for life, and enjoys helping other people find their own self-empowerment through fitness. This season she is a mentor for the 9 runners, but you might see her running slower or joining the walking groups- because she is also expecting twins this January! Come say hi, she'll be the one with the big belly.


Linda: Linda joined the Leggers in 2011 based on a friend's recommendation. Never having run before, she trained with the 12s and completed her 1st LA Marathon in 2012. 2018 is her second year on the Board and she is the Secretary. She is also on the Communications, Events and Weekly/Hospitality committees. She's here to support the Leggers and give back.


Maria: Out Running


Marisol: Marisol is a 5-time marathoner and has completed over a dozen half marathons. She became involved with the LA Leggers after she signed up for her first ever race, the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon with absolutely no training under her belt and credits them with getting her over the finish line. She currently mentors the 17/18 walkers and enjoys traveling to Europe every year.


Olivia: Olivia is Marketing and Communications chair for the Leggers.  She's entering her 6th season with the Leggers and 2nd year on the board.  She has completed 8 marathons, 2 50Ks, 2 21-milers, 3 Ragnars and lots of halves.  


Snow: Snow has been a member of the L.A. LEGGERS since 2012.  She has been a mentor for various pace groups.  Snow has completed 6 marathons, numerous half marathons, and 3 half Ironman race.  This is her second year on the board.  She is happy to give back to the club that helped her complete her first marathon.    


Tanya: 2018-2019 will mark Tanya’s eighth season with the LA Leggers and her second season serving as Volunteer Coordinator. Being a member of the LA Leggers has helped Tanya to complete 7 full Marathons, approximately 30 halfs and numerous 5Ks and 10Ks. 


Kenny: Out Running


Bibiana's: Out Running