I would like to thank everyone who attended the LA Leggers 2023 Year-End Celebration Party because without you this event would not have been possible.

Our party was supposed to be held at Shutters on the Beach, but due to a leak our party was reassigned to their sister hotel, Casa Del Mar. Initially, I was not happy, but I decided I was going to roll with the punches. Little did I know that our move to the luxurious Casa Del Mar was an upgrade.

We sold 161 tickets out of 166. We had a couple of hiccups, but I was determined to make the best of the situation.

The party was amazing. The food was delicious. The service was excellent, and the hotel
ballroom was beautiful. We also had access to the patio for photos with the ocean as the backdrop.

We had raffle prizes from our generous donors:
– Lululemon Santa Monica donated 5 Blissfeel2 Running Shoes gift cards.
– Costco donated a $60 shop card.
– Shutters on the Beach donated a one-night stay with breakfast for two and parking. This was the prize people really wanted!
– Road Runner Sports provided us with a voucher for $120.

Some of our Leggers members also donated raffle prizes:
– Tanya Benzinger donated several wonderful prizes for the raffle.
– Gloria Wong donated a wine basket.
– Diane Good donated a mug, clear fanny pack, and a $30 Amazon gift card.
– Rebecca Andrade donated several travel bags.

I purchased gift cards from all vendors listed, except Shutters. I purchased clothing, Lululemon fanny packs, and so much more.

I welcomed the attendees as they started their meal. Others hung out at the raffle table or they sought me out to purchase additional raffle tickets. Attendees were given six tickets to place in bags for twenty plus raffle prizes. It was fun.

Then came the Award Ceremony. Jeff Tan gave a nice short message and then he went straight into giving out awards. Everything from the food service to the event program was perfectly timed, so there was nice flow.

Leggers who received awards:

– Fastest Male Runner: Evan Stark (Time: 2:57:31)
– Fastest Female Runner: Alyssa Lopez (Time: 3:54:42)
– Fastest Walker: Susan Willis (Time: 5:34:09)
– John Flynn received the Scotty Award.
– Gloria Wong received the President’s Award.

After Jeff gave out the awards, we moved to Bingo. Barry Morrill was in charge of the group Bingo. The attendees had to work as a group, but the game was short-lived because a table in the back completed the card in less than 5 minutes. Everyone at the winning table received $10 Target gift cards.

Next, Barry conducted the raffle. We had a lot of prizes and gift cards to give away. This portion was so entertaining. We also had a photo booth.

The event was fun and exhausting for me due to the late nights leading up to the big day, but it was worth it.

I want to thank everyone who assisted me in a small way or more tangible way – thank you. I have gotten a lot of feedback about the party and so far, all the feedback is positive. It was my desire to put on the best party that we could, and I wanted everyone to enjoy the party and they did.

Below are comments from Leggers and guests.

Leggers member comments:

– This was so much fun! The raffle prizes were good.
– There were so many raffle prizes.
– The hotel was nice.
– Registration was easy. Can I buy more tickets?
– The event flowed at a nice pace.
– Speeches not too long, key people recognized, awards given with enthusiasm. Superb
door prizes! Program not too long (timing went well, no one restless regarding when the
food would be served, etc.). (Actual quote!)

Former Leggers and non-member comments:

– I am so glad you invited me.
– This was so much fun.
– The room was filled with love.
– Everyone felt welcomed.

So many people talked about how much fun this event was.

I am tired, but I am pleased.