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  • Coach’s Corner: Running and Weight Loss

    I used to think that weight loss was a concern for a fairly small segment of the club: people like myself who'd taken up running ... read more >>

  • Congratulations for finishing 10 miles!

    Congratulations for finishing 10 miles!

  • Hydration for Long Distance Training

    For athletes (and if you are a Legger, you are an athlete) water is an essential link to performance. Water acts to cool our body ... read more >>

  • The Beginning Of Our Training Season

    We are now running and walking distances that are under 6 miles, and these shorter distances provide an opportunity to join other pace groups. Use ... read more >>

  • Gear Up

    Check out Legger 12.5 Mentor Gloria Wong's talk about bottles and belts and everything that goes in them from our LEGGERS 101 session. After ... read more >>

  • Suiting Up for the LA Leggers

    Your new LA Leggers Nike Dri-FIT jersey is made out of tech fabric, a major update on old polyester fabric. These tech fabrics are woven ... read more >>