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  • COACH’S CORNER: Saturday at 1450

    The day before the Marathon there is one more time at 1450. 1. We will have bins numbered 1,2,3. If you want a new drink, ... read more >>

  • COACH’S CORNER: Dress Rehearsal

    Part of the concept of a “dress rehearsal” week for a long training run and eventually a race is becoming familiar with the our race ... read more >>

  • COACH’S CORNER: Preparing for Race Day

    Preparing for race day? We have been preparing for race day since July, the start of our LA Legger season. Our time is drawing short, ... read more >>

  • COACH’S CORNER: Running and Walking Apps

    West of 1450 Ocean Avenue on the Pacific Coast Highway, at the Getty Villa, last summer I examined the figures painted on a Greek vase ... read more >>

  • COACH’S CORNER: Running Form

    Running form is a topic you will read about often, particularly ideas such as: Heel strike is bad A cadence of 180 steps per minute ... read more >>

  • A Tribute to L.A. Legger Gordon Alexander

    We are so saddened to hear of Legger Gordon Alexander’s passing, tragically killed in an unfathomable accident a few weeks ago. He was so full ... read more >>