The weather this weekend has a chance of rain in the forecast. So let’s get a basic question answered first: yes, LEGGERS train in the rain. Races are held in the rain (ask a veteran member of the Monsoonathon LA held).

The goal of wet weather running is to stay as dry and warm as possible. We will still generate heat during our workout so nothing heavy is needed. A poncho from a discount store, a water resistant windbreaker, or even wearing a 30 gallon trash bag ( the height of endurance fashion) will keep in enough heat to keep you safe. 

One concern is our feet. Getting damp softens the outer layers of skin and could aid in developing blisters. Consider using a light coat of petroleum jelly on your feet to protect them. Have a 2nd pair of socks with you for post run to change into. When you get home, stuff newspaper into your shoes to aid in absorbing the moisture in them.

We will go into cold/wet weather training gear and tips in more detail later in the season. This weekend enjoy any break we get from the heat and enjoy being a child again while playing out in the rain!

Coach Barry