This new website is a major part of the rebranding the LA Leggers has been working on (logo, website, member shirts, etc.), and a part of a broader marketing effort for our club to show Angelenos how cool and accomplished we are—a running and walking club with a track record of elevating our members, making a positive impact in the lives of thousands of runners and walkers for 30+ years. By doing so, we hope to raise our profile in the community and attract new members. It is a massive project, and we are excited how everything comes together nicely in the end. Our hope is that you enjoy this new website, and that it achieves what we set out to do for our run/walk club:

  • Keep pace with (pun intended) web technologies
  • Improve user experience and enhance our standing on the internet
  • Expand our reach to more health/community-minded Angelenos

Among many new features and improvements, here are the core achievements of the new website:

  • Fast and responsive: the site works well and looks great seamlessly on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phone). No matter where you are, and what device you use, you can always access the information you need and get in touch with us anytime. The site adheres to Google’s “mobile first” principle.
  • Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO): clean code, stable layouts, light and fast, and ADA-compliant. (Speaking of which, next month is the 32rd anniversary of the ADA and the Leggers is a an inclusive and welcoming community health/fitness club, that values what the ADA stands for); with unique, comprehensive and targeted contents, we strive for a great Google quality score to place us high on Google SERP (search engine results page). Soon, you will see Leggers’ paid ads on your local running-club-related searches on Google. However all good and lasting things happen organically, so we are aiming for the “organic clicks” (searchers will find and click on our links without the help of paid ads)—first and foremost with good SEO strategies and practices.
  • Built for growth: The site is structured in a way that all changes and modifications can be done easily and quickly, while maximizing the use of dynamic data to keep the information fresh and up-to-date with the least amount of manual intervention. The new platform enables us to expand the site when needs arise—more good things to come.
  • Digital media done right: Have you noticed the presence of a lot of photos, videos, testimonials, etc. on our new site? As a club by runners/walkers and for runners/walkers, we want our own stories to connect with other fitness-minded people. There’s no better way to do that than putting the real members’ human faces on it. We believe that in digital marketing, search (mentioned above) and videos are essential in our success and our new site enables us to better do that. A picture’s worth a thousand words—check out that Member Stories page to dive in.

Our website now includes a blog, which is a Legger forum with text, pictures, videos, audio, etc.—a multimedia digital channel that is. Send us your personal running-related essays. Visit often for posts about running life by the ordinary and the experts. Show us how inspiring your journey is, or just go there to get inspired.

We no longer have an online store. We’ll have in-person sale events for our remaining merchandise and new items in the future. Watch our newsletters and social channels for more information on when and where.

The back-end of the site (where existing and new members login and/or sign up) stays the same for now, while we identify a platform that can meet our needs now and into the future.

Drag and click handles below to view “Before” and “After” screenshots.

Old Leggers siteNew Leggers site