We are saddened to hear about Linda’s passing. We will miss her. Linda is gone but not forgotten. On behalf of the Leggers, Barry, John and Suzanne pay tribute to her.

I just can’t believe it–she was such a great person. Linda brought joy and caring to everything and everyone. I remember how determined she was to improve as a runner, training with Coaches Bill Lockton and David Levine; fully buying into the MAF training cycle of endurance building – she even ran with me the 1st time I ran without a walk break 10 miles encouraging all the way. My funny Linda moment was after a Sunday run when she commented she wasn’t fast enough for the groups we were with; then goes to a Revel race and BQ’s!

When a pace group’s aid station has energy balls for our refueling, it’s because of Linda. She was the first to make these peanut butter/chocolate powerhouses that became an instant hit – and she graciously shared the recipe with the club.

Linda’s time as a Board member saw a powerful presence who kindly, but with determination worked to improve the club and the experience each member had. She was a caring soul.

Each season I walk by 1450 and ask Mike for help to get our members what to their goals. Now I know the Leggers celestial Board has a new member and 1450 will always have a 2nd LEGGER in residence.

– Barry

When I run down the beach training on a Saturday morning, I always notice people who are smiling like they’re 8 years old again: it’s one of my favorite things about running with the Leggers: Joy, unconfined.

One true smile you could always count on was my friend Linda: she was one of the best of us. And she was unstoppable…until today. She ran Boston, New York, Chicago, Paris…everything she could! But liver cancer claimed her today. I am consoled by the fact that people like me and her wonderful partner Tamar took a zillion pictures of her beautiful, shining face. Isn’t this a face that demands YOU smile too?

Linda herself posted pictures of the amazing foods she created: she was an amazing baker and she was always posting her fantastic creations. We had a private joke (well, not so private maybe): whenever she’d post her latest triumph here on Facebook I would ALWAYS post a comment reading…

“I’ll be right over.”

Sadly I won’t be able to follow up on that. RIP, you beautiful ray of pure golden sunshine…and thanks for the miles and the smiles, Linda P. Whitehead.

– John

Linda was one of the most disciplined runners I’ve ever met. And hands down the most stylish!

Despite injuries, you could always count on her to get the miles in and follow her coach’s training schedule, usually along the beach path. And she always wore the most coordinated and colorful running clothes.

But most important – Linda was one of the kindest, most upbeat, generous and optimistic people you’d ever meet. She’d be so excited about upcoming races, from Boston and NYC and Berlin to small local 10ks. Her zest for life was always apparent.

I miss Linda, and I will never forget her smile and her deep gratitude for the rich life she lived.

– Suzanne