To all our new members – a big hello 🙂 You’ve joined a passionate group of runners and walkers who show up every week, living our best lives. You’ll find a supportive community of people from all walks (and runs) of life. We hope you’ll make lifelong friends, and we’re so excited to have you contribute to making our club even more amazing!

To our returning members – thank you for your help in making our club what it is today; a place in our hearts that elevates all our members.

A few updates:

  • New member orientation is July 23 and July 30, 7:00am at Tongva Park, Santa Monica. For all new members, please come to one of these sessions. You’ll hear details of our training program, and we’ll ask you to complete a one-mile trial. It’s important that you do not race this, instead complete at a pace that is comfortable – tip, you should be able to easily talk. Our mentors will assess you and recommend a pace group for the season. You’ll then have a proper chance to meet your friendly pace group mentors.
  • We have a refreshed look and feel this season. You’ll have noticed our new website, logo and brand identity. Thank you again to Loc Tran, graphic and web designer, and long-term L.A. Legger for donating his time and talents.
  • We’re super excited to unveil our new t-shirts for the season and we’ll all soon be sporting navy Brooks Podium shirts that simply look amazing. This year our shirts have dramatically improved – they’re high-quality, non-stretchy, durable, breathable, and often used by race events. See yours-truly modeling our new shirts below.
  • A new addition to this year’s training program is the inclusion of dynamic stretching pre-run, and static stretching post-run. This season you’ll see live demonstrations as well as regular videos that demonstrate the correct techniques.  Stretching is an integral part of any runner/walking routine, and we highly recommend all members to actively participate in and incorporate dynamic stretching into your workout.
  • With respect to Covid-19, if you’re feeling sick, please stay at home, it’s that simple! We pride ourselves in keeping a close 2-by-2 formation when running along our routes and will continue to do so. Just use common sense in keeping a respectable distance from the person in front of you. And finally, wearing or not wearing masks is the personal decision of each member, so please respect that.

The L.A. Leggers is an all-volunteer club, and we cannot operate without the efforts from our board and volunteers, so thank you to all. If you would like to volunteer, contact to let us know how you can support. We are particularly on the look out for help for our two new-member-orientation dates coming up.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming runs!

Jeff Tan
President, L.A. Leggers

LA Leggers 2022 Shirts FrontLA Leggers 2022 Shirts Back